Thursday, June 6, 2013

Real Abs are Made in the Kitchen

I've been hearing this phrase a lot lately in my research and since changing my eating habits and hitting the gym regularly, I have definitely found this to be true.  Back in March, I was inspired to have my own "March Madness" where I revamped my eating habits and (for a change) planned out all my meals - five a day, plus extra things to eat if I got hungry.  I realized that when I got hungry, that was when my self-control was at its low.  When my stomach grumbled, my hands tumbled...over anything it could get a hold of!  Planning out my meals helped my body know when it would be fed to prevent food cravings and binge eating, ensured that I got all my nutrients and protein, and allowed me to plan things I liked and looked forward to in order to prevent boredom and dissatisfaction.
**Changing something as drastic as your eating habits is a very psychological thing.  Something that really helped me during this month of revamping my diet was trying to read positive things about health and nutrition.  It just got my mind aligned with my body and actions and definitely made it easier to eat clean.  

So here's the first two weeks of my meal planning.  *DISCLAIMER* I didn't measure out everything to a T and I don't have all the macro nutrients calculated.  This is a rough outline I used and am posting for my own record and to give you guys some ideas to base your meal plans (or individual meals) around.  Everybody's needs are different and this is where you need to listen to your body. You can also use a calorie counter (such as myfitnesspal) or the like to get an idea of what your needs are.  

Pumpkin spinach shake w/Chia seeds
Whole wheat bread w/almond butter & cinnamon
Omelet w/peppers, onions, spinach
Snack (pre-workout)
Celery w/peanut butter & hemp seeds
Herbal tea if hungry
Salad – Spinach, Canellini beans, egg white (hardboiled), feta cheese, tomato, lemon dressing.  
If hungry, snack on protein bar or mixed nuts.

Pineapple Spinach Shake w/Chia Seeds
Mixed nuts w/craisins. 
Fish w/rice & Asparagus
Celery w/peanut butter & hemp seed
Protein Mix w/cinnamon. Protein bar. Sesame snack
If hungry, snack on apple or protein bar

Oatmeal w/Chia Seeds, protein, cinnamon Wheat toast, almond butter, cinnamon, honey.
Greek Yogurt w/strawberries, cinnamon, honey, pecans
Grapefruit w/cottage cheese
Protein bar & carrots Grapefruit w/cottage cheese
Salmon burger w/spinach salad arugula/pea sprout salad w/carrots, kidney beans, Caesar dressing. Sourdough toast.
If hungry, snack on nuts. 
As you can see, I didn't always follow through with what I planned.  If I did, I bolded it.  If I didn't, I crossed it out and wrote what I actually ate. 

Peanut butter spinach shake
Homemade carrot protein bar
Egg white breakfast burrito
Greek yogurt w/strawberries, cinnamon, honey, pecans, and hemp seed
Sun-dried tomato chicken & asparagus  ate out – thai food
Oatmeal w/chia seeds, protein, cinnamon
Grapefruit and cottage cheese
Turkey burger w/asparagus
mixed nuts
Sun-dried tomato chicken w/asparagus
Bagel w/avocado and cream cheese - CHEAT
Chocolate protein w/hemp seeds
Salmon burger w/spinach salad
Protein bar
Sun-dried tomato chicken w/asparagus

Week 2 

(Changed the format here) 

Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3
Meal 4
Meal 5

Banana/blueberry protein shake
Orange & homemade flax Muffin
Sourdough bread w/shredded chicken & tomato
Vegetable quinoa
Salmon Burger w/broccoli
Orange & homemade flax muffin
Eggs w/shredded chicken & cottage cheese
Green shake
Page 8 (Greek Chicken)
Protein Shake
Cottage cheese w/cantaloupe & pineapple
Black bean soup w/sourdough bread. Add shredded chicken?
Salsa w/black beans & cottage cheese
Page 5 (pan-seared oven-roasted chicken w/brussel sprouts & mushrooms)
Salmon Omelet
Nuts & orange
Black bean soup w/sourdough bread
Green shake
Leftover 8 or 5
Protein Shake
Nuts & apple
Eggs w/quinoa
Pea pancakes
Turkey burgers w/broccoli's something like this: 

I don't plan out my meals, but I plan out my protein.  I just let everything else fall around that.  Because I am trying to build muscle and not lose any, I try to get around 1 gram of protein per pound of my body weight.  Since I weigh around 140, I divided that by 5 meals and figured I needed around 28 g of protein per meal.  I always make sure I get my protein, fruits, and vegetables.  Then every couple days, I will have a high carb day where I eat lots of good carbohydrates with my proteins. My favorite good carbs are oatmeal (do not get the packets!! they are sugar-loaded), quinoa, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pita chips, whole grain cereals with almond or coconut milk, couscous, brown rice, aaand I think that's about it.  Increasing and decreasing your carbohydrates is great because it tricks your body and speeds up your metabolism, burning more fat on the days you don't eat as many carbs.

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Bumping up my protein and even my weights in the gym, I have seen more pounds drop on the scale and have gained more lean muscle.  

CHALLENGE: Make a list of the benefits or gains you see/feel when training mean and eating clean.  Put these somewhere you can see them.  Once you crave these feelings and results more than you crave that chocolate ice cream, you will be able to reach your goals!!  Thrive on that :) 


  1. We are going to go grocery shopping this coming week and eat everything you mentioned on your blog. I think you should be a personal trainer and maybe even sponsored for your beautiful muscles. :)

  2. woow,thank u very much, idk why but i barely eat plus i barely have food but yea i wil try